How to Build Storage Shed Door

If you have built a storage shed for your home why not build the door too? Follow the steps below to build a sturdy door for your shed:
Tape Measure
Lumber at least 3/4” thick
Door Knob or Handle
1. Take the exact measurements of your door opening in width and height. It is important that your measurements are taken to the nearest 1/8”. You will cut your lumber 1/2" less the measurements you just took to allow room for proper clearance when opening and closing your shed door.
2. Select the wood you are going to cut and draw out the rectangle you will be cutting on your lumber. Cut with your saw and sand your doors edges. Apply a finish or sealant to the cut edges of your door and finish the remaining surfaces your door any way you prefer—paint, stain, ect.
3. Now determine how you want to open your shed door. If you will be using a door knob use a door knob template to install your knob or you can drill and a simple handle and latch for a lock.