How to Build Storage Shed Foundation

If you will be building a storage shed in your yard you want to ensure it is secured on a sturdy foundation. Follow the steps below to build your storage shed foundation:
Tape Measure
Hammer & Nails
Gravel or Rock
4x4 Lumber
3/4” Lumber
1. Begin by selecting the place you would like to build your shed. It will be easier if the area is flat, but that may not be an option.
2. Dig an opening that is a full 4” of depth and 1’ wider and longer than the perimeter of your shed. If your ground is not level, level it as you dig. This means you may be digging more than 4” in some areas.
3. Compact the soil with a hand held or electronic tamper. Now add a layer of rock or gravel and level it to create a solid base for your foundation.
4. Cut 4x4’s skids to the length and width of the perimeter of your shed. You will also need to cut enough skids to place them internally every 1 1/2 feet inside the perimeter skids.
5. Place your 4 outer skids 1’ inside of the area you have dug, there should be an even 1’ excess on all 4 sides. Nail your four skids together. Next nail in your internal skids every 1 1/2’ inside of your perimeter.
6. Now your foundation is build and needs to be covered with a minimum 3/4” sturdy flooring deck.